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Trauma Informed Law is about creating client-counsellor partnerships. It’s about recognizing that sometimes we’re biological beings not logical beings.

So often we lawyers make the mistake of telling the clients their emotions don’t matter. The people who walk through my door are hurting, and telling them  emotions aren’t part of the problem and circumstances leads to our clients not feeling heard, and it does nothing to help solve the problem.

You can come here and we can discuss everything that’s contributing to your problem not just the legal facts. Sometimes that surfaces a really good solution no one would have thought of if the emotions of the situation hadn’t been discussed.

If you don’t feel heard, you won’t trust, and if you don’t trust we can’t talk, and if we can’t talk we can’t commit and if we can’t commit we can’t be held accountable and if we can’t be held accountable no one’s going to pay attention to the result.

How often has a lawyer told you, “I can’t tell you what or what not to do, it’s not my job”. It’s the nature of the profession, I get it. In my humble opinion, however we lawyers need to spend less time covering our own asses, and more time doing what’s right for our clients.

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