Art for meditation and healing

A portal to ground and clear your spiritual dojo so you can to tap into pure potential and the source of your inspiration!

Sacred prayer totems, mindfully created to your specifications by a team of masters, for a deeper connection to your Spirit Guides.

Raw materials are hand-selected. Each hand-fabricated piece is the combined effort of our four dedicated craftsmen working interdependently as a team.
Chrissy is the heart of our operation, and overseas logistics, fulfillment, procurement, and even preps new timber upon arrival into our woodshop.
The fabrication process starts with a one hour intake session with Jessica Tookey, our in-house, artistic medium. Jessica will do the Artistic Medium thing – sharing some of her magic to graft your personal magic into your one-of-a-kind vessel – providing a map of the essence and sacred meaning of your totem to our artisans which they can then follow.
Metal work, is mindfully handled by Kevin Barry a Richmond native with a long family history in building. “Working with his grandfather from childhood, Keven was was taught there are no shortcuts when designing and building, and that objects should be created as if his name were stamped all over them.”
Your totems’ journey concludes under the care of Charles Reed. Charles is known throughout Richmond for handcrafted projects that are both functional and beautiful pieces of art. All of Charles’s creations are crafted with power tools and carved and shaped by hand. Each unique piece is a simple and functional creation meant to be enjoyed and passed on to future generations.

We currently feature Holly, Cedar of Lebanon, Osage Orange, Pamplona, and Cherry wood. If this feels right to you, give Chrissy and call to get things started!

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