Trauma and reactivity are the root problems

I want to begin the process here of making folks more aware that our bewilderment is caused by unseen forces. Often we are guided by our trauma and we don’t know it.  These unseen forces, or root causes, compound over time and develop into symptoms. For instance, life is relationships, everything can be seen through […]

What is Trauma Informed

Trauma Informed Law is about creating client-counsellor partnerships. It’s about recognizing that sometimes we’re biological beings not logical beings. So often we lawyers make the mistake of telling the clients their emotions don’t matter. The people who walk through my door are hurting, and telling them  emotions aren’t part of the problem and circumstances leads […]

A conscious law practice requires wisdom and knowledge.

“No problem can be solved on the same level of consciousness on which that problem was created.” – Albert Einstein This is one of my favorite quotes and has been a focal point for the development of who I am as a person. I abhor attending to symptoms alone. If there is a way to […]

Client counselor relationships are just the beginning!

“I’m your court-appointed attorney, not your court-appointed friend” – Author Unknown. There are some conversations or statements that are hard to unhear. To this day I cringe when recalling the conversation through which the above sentiment was relayed to an unknown client by their court-appointed lawyer. They definitely were not friends, counsel had seen to […]

Why Trauma Informed Law?

“Wait, we’re doing what?” – Rebecca. She was commenting on the child custody case we were on our way to next. We were stepping into my car in the parking lot of a local county JDR court. The real reason she voiced the question? She was legitimately surprised we were doing anything other than getting […]